The Prince George's County Board of License Commissioners yesterday renewed the liquor license for Judge Roy Bean's Saloon in Brentwood, but included several conditions that the owner must meet to satisfy complaints from nearby residents about the bar's patrons.

To keep the liquor license, the board said, the owner of Judge Roy Bean's must build an 8-foot-high stockade fence on the two sides of its parking lot that border on the yards of Brentwood residents, and hire an additional security guard every Friday and Saturday and whenever the club features live entertainment. It must also ensure that patrons leave the parking lot within 30 minutes after closing time, the board said.

The board also asked the owner for a report by June 15 on whether the conditions have been met.

The board imposed the conditions after residents who live near the saloon at 3812 38th St. complained that the patrons litter the neighborhood with empty beer bottles and other trash and often get into fights in front of their homes.

Michael Tiberio, who bought Judge Roy Bean's from state Sen. Thomas P. O'Reilly (D-Prince George's) 19 months ago, said yesterday he was pleased with the board's decision. "The stipulations are right," he said.