A $14 million, six-year face lift will begin this summer on Little Bennett Regional Park, Montgomery County's largest and most unspoiled regional park.

Planned for the 3,600-acre park north of Clarksburg are a swimming pool, two golf courses, a clubhouse, paved bike trails, a visitors center, picnic areas, playgrounds and expanded campground facilities, said Donald K. Cochran, the county parks director.

The park expansion is a scaled-down version of a more ambitious plan discussed for more than a decade. The original plan would have turned the park into a major recreational resort with a conference center lodge and 235-acre lake. Cochran said that idea could be revived in the future, but only if developers carry it out.

"What's exciting about this is we finally have a program to point to and get going on," he said. "It's a fantastic resource out there." The park now has hiking and horse trails and an overnight camp ground.

New county development at the park will be limited to 450 acres, including 300 acres of golf courses. Work will be only on the periphery of the park to maintain Little Bennett's natural beauty, Cochran said.