The campaign manager for Rep. Michael D. Barnes, a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland, said yesterday that the Barnes campaign has not opened a bank account in a black-owned bank in Baltimore, as campaign officials had asserted earlier.

Campaign manager Michael Cryor said that financial forms and a check were sent yesterday from Rockville to the black-owned Harbor Bank of Maryland in Baltimore, and that a campaign account will be opened at the bank. "It will be opened by this evening," said Cryor. "I have egg on my face."

As part of a new strategy to win the Democratic primary on Sept. 9, the four-term representative from Montgomery County has wooed blacks in the city and Cryor said in a recent interview he had opened a campaign account in a black-owned Baltimore bank. Cryor, a black businessman from Baltimore who was hired as Barnes' statewide campaign manager, also said the Barnes campaign is using black-owned businesses to produce bumper stickers and other campaign materials.

Cryor said yesterday that he talked last month with Joel Alan Byrd, a vice president at Harbor Bank of Maryland, the only black-owned bank in the city. Cryor said Byrd stopped by the campaign headquarters to pick up the paper work needed to set up an account in the bank. The forms inadvertently were left in the Rockville office, Cryor said. Byrd declined to comment on the matter.

Cryor said he found out about the mixup after the interview but said that nothing further was done to open the account.

Wendy Sherman, campaign manager for Rep. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), a Baltimore native and the front-runner in the Senate race, said Mikulski's campaign account is at Harbor Bank.