Fairfax County will hold its fifth annual Fairfax Fair on Saturday, June 14, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday, June 15, from noon to 5 p.m.

The festival will be held at the George Mason University campus in Fairfax City. Last year more than 80,000 attended the two-day celebration.

Lord Nicholas John Albert Fairfax of Cameron, 14th Lord Fairfax and descendant of the British nobleman for whom the county is named, is being flown by Pan American World Airways from London to Dulles International Airport to be the guest of honor at the fair.

The festival will offer nonstop live entertainment, including jazz, gospel, golden oldies and rock bands; county and commercial exhibits; military displays; a health expo; living history demonstrations; hundreds of the county's finest craftsmen; an art show; children's activities; the selection of Lord and Lady Fairfax; the Virginia State Chili Cookoff; foods; folk dancing; games; clowns; contests; rides, and much more.

The fair is organized and planned by a coalition of volunteers from the county's business, government and nonprofit sectors and will serve as a showcase for the diverse cultural life of Fairfax County.

Lord Fairfax, a 30-year-old London barrister, will tour the Fairfax County Courthouse in addition to the Massey Building and Judicial Center. He will be presented with an ear of corn from the Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run in a gesture that symbolizes the manner in which colonial citizens paid rent to his ancestors.

Lord Fairfax will tour Mount Vernon and Gunston Hall and visit Montebello, the site of Mount Eagle, home of his ancestors in the 1700s.

On Friday June 13 Lord Fairfax will symbolically crown the Honorary Lord and Lady Fairfax as Outstanding Citizens of the Year. He will be guest of honor at the two-day fair.

After spending the week touring Fairfax County, Lord Fairfax will return to London on Sunday.