A House Armed Services subcommittee has voted to delete funds for demolition of the Pentagon's south parking lot, delaying plans for a massive federal office complex there at least a year, Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.) announced yesterday.

Wolf said that the House military installations and facilities subcommittee, meeting in closed session Wednesday, agreed to delete from a military construction bill $24.5 million the Defense Department had sought in the fiscal 1987 budget to begin planning the project. It would add 18,500 workers to the 24,000 people who work at the Pentagon.

Wolf said he was working with Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.) and expects that the Senate, currently marking up its military construction bill, will take similar action.

"The area surrounding the Pentagon is already one of the most congested in Northern Virginia," Wolf said. "I am pleased that the committee has agreed to my request to withhold this funding until all concerns -- those of area residents, those who travel through the area and those who work in Arlington County and at the Pentagon -- are addressed."

The Defense Department had requested $2.5 million to demolish the lot and another $22 million for a specific design and development proposal for the office project. Preliminary estimates call for a $425 million complex of four to nine buildings varying from four to 14 stories.

Construction of the first phase of the complex would temporarily eliminate 3,782 of the Pentagon's 8,769 parking spaces. Eventually, the Pentagon's smaller lots would be lost as other buildings are constructed. The buildings are expected to have underground parking.

The plans have alarmed Arlington officials and residents who say the complex will mean greater traffic jams, spillover parking in nearby residential neighborhoods and a greater demand on the county's sewer system.

The General Services Administration, the federal government's landlord, is conducting a study of the proposed complex and is not expected to recommend any specifics on the number of buildings or their heights until September.

Wolf said he urged the House subcommittee to withhold project funds until GSA completes the study.