You might say it came as quite a jolt to the 81-year-old Alexandria widow.

"Why did you turn off my electricity?" the early morning callers who woke her up would demand.

"This bill can't be right," the midday callers complained.

Virginia Power, taking a cue from her Ripley Street address, didn't know whether to believe it or not at first.

"It was quite bad the first month," Power remembers of January 1985 when the Virginia Electric & Power Co. switched its name to Virginia Power Co., for customer relations purposes.

Ever since then, Virginia Power, the widow, has been hounded every time there's a power outage or computer foulup on a bill.

"Then the first of every month, it would start all over again. I got quite annoyed about it," Power recalled yesterday. "It's been a nuisance. It's quieted down a bit, but it was awful."

So far this month, she said, she has received only five phone calls from Virginia Power Co. customers. "They wanted to know if I would turn on their electricity," she said. "I tell them it's not the power company. They have the wrong number."

Once, she said, her bank sent her a voucher for a deposit to her checking account for about $34, money that was intended for the power company. The bank, which she did not identify, corrected the mistake.

"Even my doctor jokes about sending me a check every month," she said.

Power says she suspects that the root of her problem may lie with another utility -- the telephone company, whose directory assistance operators are giving callers her home number instead of the power company's number.

She said she doesn't expect the power company to change its name. So she's going to modify hers. Next year, when the new telephone books come out, she said, she's going to be listed as V. Power.