A man has been accused of handcuffing and caging his 14-year-old daughter for days without food or water, and all 10 of his children have been removed from the home while the charge is investigated, according to Baltimore police.

Police said Douglas Sparrow, 40, a carpenter, was being held in lieu of $25,000 bond without a trial date.

The children's mother was not charged, police said.

Sparrow was charged with one count of child abuse, but social workers told police they had "documented proof" that a cage in the basement of the west Baltimore row house had been used on various occasions for imprisoning children without food or toilet facilities for as long as two days.

Sparrow was arrested Thursday after two Department of Social Services workers checked out a neighbor's report that the children were being abused. The department placed the children in foster homes.

Names and ages of the children were withheld, except for that of the 14-year-old, Rosalie.

Police said she had been handcuffed to the refrigerator from 10 a.m. Monday through 5 p.m. Tuesday. She said she once escaped being handcuffed to the refrigerator when a sibling got the key and freed her, and she went to a friend who destroyed the handcuffs.

Rosalie also told police she had been forced to sleep some nights in the doghouse in the back yard.

The house was described to police by social workers as being dirty and in disarray, and the children said there was rarely a family meal. They said the refrigerator was kept locked.