Sailors from the Washington Sailing Marina, angered by changes there in the last year, asked a federal judge in the District of Columbia yesterday to order National Park Service officials to close a new restaurant at the marina and hold public hearings on the environmental impact of the facility.

The sailors, who keep their boats at the marina in Daingerfield Island Park south of National Airport, have been at odds with federal park officials since the restaurant, Potowmack Landing, was opened in early 1985.

The suit names Interior Secretary Donald P. Hodel and several Park Service officials as defendants. The sailors allege that the restaurant is not in compliance with federal regulations, has drawn large numbers of nonpark users to the marina and caused parking problems.

"The massive influx of restaurant patrons, who are not otherwise park users, has significantly affected the environment on Daingerfield Island," according to the complaint.

"We'd have to take a look at the suit to see what it's all about," a spokesman for the Park Service said yesterday.

Also named as a defendant in the lawsuit is Guest Services Inc., a McLean-based company that is the park's concessionaire and the owner of the restaurant. James Pflaging, Guest Services' vice president for marketing and development, said yesterday he had not yet seen the suit.

The sailors, joined by the National Parks and Conservation Association, a private organization of park lovers, also asked the court to enjoin the restaurant from advertising and to review the slip and land storage rental fees charged to boat owners by Guest Services.