An 18-year Marine Corps member, ordered discharged last week after urinalysis indicated he had used marijuana, has asked a federal judge in Alexandria to halt his dismissal.

Capt. William A. Andrews, stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C., contends in a suit filed in federal dis-Andrews alleges the board was tainted by misconduct. trict court that a Navy review board should be allowed to consider his case before his military career is ended. Andrews has "superb performance ratings," according to a Marine Corps document filed in court. He denies using marijuana.

Navy attorneys oppose Andrew's request to delay his discharge, scheduled for Monday. A hearing in the case will be conducted today.

Tests on a specimen of Andrew's urine, taken during a "urinalysis sweep" at Camp Lejeune in January, showed traces of a chemical indicating marijuana use, according to the suit. In May, a board of inquiry found that Andrews had "knowingly and wrongfully inhaled or ingested marijuana during the month of January," the suit said.

The board recommended an honorable discharge but suggested "as a matter of clemency" that Navy Secretary John F. Lehman Jr. consider retaining Andrews in the Marine Corps if he completed a drug rehabilitation program.

Lehman this month ordered Andrews honorably discharged.

In his suit, Andrews alleges the board of inquiry was tainted by misconduct on the part of one officer and that security standards were violated during the urine testing.

In April, Lehman reinstated a Naval Academy midshipman after concluding there was insufficient evidence to rule that the student had used cocaine. The midshipman, Jeffrey Bellistri, had been expelled after urine tests showed the presence of a cocaine-related substance.