An off-duty D.C. police officer accused of pulling his gun on a driver in a dispute over a parking space has been relieved of his police powers and assigned to office work, pending the outcome of an internal investigation, police spokesmen said yesterday.

The department's internal affairs division is continuing an investigation into the incident involving Officer Michael Wilson, a 16-year member of the police department assigned to the patrol support section in the 3rd District, according to the spokesmen.

A number of witnesses, many of them diners at sidewalk tables at La Fonda Restaurant at 17th and R streets NW, told police officials that the off-duty officer jumped out of his car when a van driver tried to take the disputed parking space and stuck his gun in the other driver's stomach. He then went into a video store to return some taped movies, witnesses said.

Sgt. Joseph Gentile, a department spokesman, said Wilson is still at the 3rd District but assigned to work that will not bring him into contact with the public. "He won't be put on the street," Gentile said.

Another spokesman said later that Wilson's police powers also were revoked. This means his gun, badge and police identification are taken away.

An officer at the 3rd District said Wilson declined to discuss the incident with a reporter.