* Sen. Paul S. Trible Jr. (R-Va.) says he is working to gain support for an override of President's Reagan veto of the Textile Trade and Enforcement Act.

Speaking at a community meeting in Danville, Va., Saturday, Trible said he plans to vote for the override if it comes before the Senate.

"There comes a time when we have to draw the line," said Trible, who said he is working with Virginia Sen. John W. Warner, also a Republican, in urging an override.

The House is scheduled to consider the measure in August, and Trible predicted overwhelming passage of the override.

The Textile Trade and Enforcement Act, which was introduced as a measure to protect the domestic textile and apparel market, calls for restrictions on foreign textile and apparel imports.

The bill would have restricted the market share of imported goods in foreign countries, and it calls for what industry leaders say is "orderly and nondisruptive growth of imports" for textile and apparel products.

Trible said recent trade negotiations have not resulted in adequate controls to stem the flow of foreign imports.

"I do not believe that the negotiations with Hong Kong and other countries have yielded the positive results necessary," Trible said. Those countries have made modest concessions, but "the underlying problems remain," he said.