Workers whose jobs were absorbed by the firms would get shares based on such factors as their investments in the federal pension plan and length of service -- whether or not they were hired by the contractors. The theory is that companies would tend to retain federal workers who had been granted stock.

Currently, there is no requirement that companies hire federal workers whose work is absorbed by private industry, although typically some of them are taken on by the contractors.

OPM's proposed Federal Employee Direct Corporate Opportunity Plan, which will be unveiled tomorrow before a group representing government contractors, is designed to undercut employe opposition to increased "privatization" of federal functions.

Federal studies on contracting out of services from meat inspection to mail delivery have identified about 600,000 of the government's 2.8 million jobs that could easily be absorbed by private industry. Among them are the kind of service, security and clerical jobs not directly related to health, welfare and national defense.

If the business community embraces the idea of stock tranfers to displaced federal employes, the Reagan administration is likely to follow through on it. The administration has pushed the idea of privatization as a means of cutting the federal payroll, claiming it can be done better and at lower costs if firms compete for it.

OPM Director Constance Horner will announce the program at a breakfast meeting of the Business Alliance on Government Competition at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and will spell out the plan in detail in the agency's Management magazine next week.

* Fringe Benefit Shopping

At the request of a congressional civil service caucus, the General Accounting Office plans to evaluate the kind of information provided to federal employes about pensions and insurance.

The caucus, the Federal Government Services Task Force, told GAO that many workers are confused about job-related benefits because they are given incomplete information.

The group pointed out that longtime workers face a tough choice next year when they must decide whether to stick with their existing civil service pension plans or switch to a new option.

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