The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria City Council at its May 26 meeting. For further information, call 838-4300.

KING STREET ODORS -- Alexandria Mayor James P. Moran Jr. said residents of Old Town have complained to city officials about odors coming from restaurants on lower King Street near the waterfront.

Barton Middleton, president of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, told the council he would set up a meeting with representatives of the Old Town Civic Association and lower King Street restaurants, and with Health Department official Jim Alexander, to discuss the problem.

Old Town resident Salley Masterson told the council, "There's an overwhelming aroma of fish. "It permeates the whole atmosphere."

Alexander, the city's chief of environmental quality, said the city has few bureaucratic tools, apart from an "unreasonable odors" finding at a public hearing, to force restauranteurs to take measures to eliminate odors, such as installing expensive ventilation systems.

Moran said many of the complaints have come from residents of the Torpedo Factory condominiums, which border the Fish Market and the Wharf restaurants.

COUNCIL AIDE SALARIES -- The council voted 6 to 1 to increase the salaries of council members' aides from $12,500 to $16,000 annually beginning in a year. They also agreed to hire a private consultant to study the duties of the mayor's aide, who is paid $12,500 annually.

The council members' aides' salary increase, scheduled to take effect July 1, 1988, is their first raise since 1982. Councilman Carlyle C. Ring Jr. voted against the raise. The mayor and each of the six council members hire one staff member to assist them in their council duties.

Moran proposed raising the salary of the mayor's aide to $18,500, saying, "My aide has to be in constant contact with the public . . . and must be up on all the issues."

Some council members said the proposed salary increase for the mayor's aide was too high, and Moran proposed that a consultant analyze the position and report back to the council June 9.