The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the District of Columbia Council.

AUDITOR'S POWER EXPANSION -- Council member Carol Schwartz (R-At Large) introduced legislation that would give the city auditor power to issue subpoenas, establish a hotline for D.C. government employes to report malfeasance among coworkers and protect employes who do so.

Last week, after reports of the U.S. Attorney's investigation of possible wrongdoing involving city contracting procedures, Council Chairman David Clarke introduced legislation to establish an office of investigations to track possible corruption within District government. But according to Schwartz, the office would be ineffective because its director would be appointed by the mayor, whose staff would be the director's main subject of inquiry.

HOMELESS FAMILIES PLACEMENT -- Council member John Ray (D-At Large) and John Wilson (D-Ward 2) introduced legislation that would require the District to place homeless families with minor children in apartments, instead of hotels, for emergency housing.

According to Ray, hotel shelters disrupt schooling for children and expose them to dangers from drug dealers who linger nearby.

The new legislation would force the city to find families apartments equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom, and with enough space so that no more than two people share a bedroom.

Ray said that even with these provisions, "the cost of providing government-owned apartment housing would surely be less" than the price of hotel shelters. In a hotel shelter, Ray said, housing and feeding a family of three for 16 months costs the city $16,000.