The S&L 'Soap Opera'

The article "Bond Sale Would Speed S&L Repayments" {Metro, May 21} clearly reveals a serious problem within the Maryland state legislature. These legislators were, and still are, entrusted to protect the interests and welfare of all its citizens in a fair and ethical manner.

They fail to realize that they set the stage, directed and promoted this sorry episode. So the Maryland S&L soap opera continues for another season.

Plans for next season will focus on the state's "Big Steal II." This time it won't be Jeffrey Levitt, the main character in "Big Steal I," but some foreign investors. But before writing this script, they must decide the difference between moral and legal commitments. When people use the term only moral, it reduces them to a level that says, "We will lie, cheat and steal, unless you stop us." These are the same attitudes and behaviors that caused the S&L crisis.

There are certain standards of performance that citizens ought to be able to get from their government. One of them is that it do its utmost to ensure that its citizens' interests are fully protected at all cost.