Bobbie Kilberg, a Republican candidate for the Virginia Senate from the 32nd District, was misquoted in yesterday's Voters' Guide in the Virginia Weekly. A sentence in her statement on local education should have read, "More state tax dollars must be returned to our area in order to maintain and enrich our high standards of education." (Published 6/5/87)


What do you see as the most important issue facing your district?

District 32

Republicans: Vote for no more than one.

Bobbie Kilberg

M. C. "Joyce" Sutcliffe Bobbie Kilberg 6703 Wemberly Way, McLean Age: 42 Attorney; BA, Vassar College; MA, Columbia University; JD, Yale Law School; former associate counsel to President Gerald R. Ford; board of directors, Mental Health Association of Northern Virginia; board of directors, Wolf Trap Associates; board of directors, McLean Citizens Association; advisory council, Lewinsville Senior Citizens Center; Temple Rodef Shalom; McLean Business and Professional Association and McLean BPW; Task Force on School Age Child Care; finance committee, Sen. Paul S. Trible and Rep. Frank R. Wolf; Republican National Committee's National Women's Coalition.

The major issue in this campaign is the preservation of our quality of life. Congested freeways and streets threaten the livability of our communities. We must implement an integrated approach to our transportation problems including special taxing districts, better planning for the location of new roads, and creation of a viable commuter light rail system. Our children deserve the best teachers, facilities and curriculum. We must have more state tax dollars in order to maintain and enrich our high standards of education. Students with special needs deserve the highest quality programs and support. We must expand the availability of childcare in cooperation with the private sector. All of this must be accomplished while keeping the level of taxation under control. A quality future for our communities requires effective leadership now. M.C. "Joyce" Sutcliffe 1817 Birch Road, McLean Age: 47

Board member and secretary, Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Association; four-term director of the McLean Citizens Association; past chairman, Legislative, Membership and Newsletter committees of the McLean Citizens Association; founding president, El Nido Association and Neighborhood Watch; Virginia delegate, 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas for President Reagan and Vice President Bush; member, Republican National Committee; member, Republican Party of Virginia; member, Fairfax County Republican Committee; conducted voter registration drives and worked precincts for Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Sens. John W. Warner and Paul S. Trible, Reagan and Bush; board member, Greater McLean Republican Women's Club.

High taxes by the Baliles administration with an unfair return is the issue. In 1986-87 the Democratic-controlled General Assembly raised taxes five times. The sales tax increased to 4.5 percent, the gasoline tax increased twice and the titling fee for vehicles increased. The windfall monies from Reagan's tax reduction were kept and Northern Virginians' hard-earned dollars redistributed throughout the state. Taxpayers have fewer dollars to meet the high cost of living here while remote bureaucracies make decisions about road construction and maintenance, education and public safety. It will take years to reverse the damaging impact on the area of the historically unfair return -- damage which makes commuting a nightmare and day-to-day chores like taking the children to soccer or piano lessons and shopping at Tysons Corner a real hassle. District 36

Republicans: Vote for no more than one. Gerald Fill C. Ronald Smith Gerald Fill 1404 Oakbrooke Ave., Alexandria Age: 48

Employed in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), 1974-84; drafted White Paper on Drug Abuse for Ford administration; member, Fairfax County School Board 1980-84 (vice chairman 1983 and 1984); vice chairman, Health Systems Agency of Northern Virginia; vice president of Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance; served on budget and education committees of the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations; chairman, Mount Vernon District Republican Party, 1987.

Mount Vernon and Lee residents need an experienced, well-qualified state senator who will fight for citizens' needs: obtaining a greater share of state education funds, tax relief for senior citizens and the handicapped, repealing the sales tax on food, Lorton community development, and upgrading Rte. 1. We just had the largest increase in state taxes in recent memory. But will we get our money's worth? Everyone knows it costs money to finance our neglected transportation program. But who is coming up with a plan to improve transportation without the time-worn solution of higher and higher taxes? We have to develop realistic cost estimates before we increase taxes. We should begin by insisting that developers pay more of the cost of development, demanding better transportation planning, and electing people who make the hard choices to match services with taxes.

C. Ronald Smith 8310 Riverside Rd., Alexandria Age: 39

Lawyer, C. Ronald Smith Law Offices; more than 20 years' active support for Republican candidates and officials; former senior adviser to former Senator John Tower (R-Tex.); broad experience in state legislative government; Reagan appointee to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; business management experience with a Fortune 500 corporation; issue adviser to Republican Party platform committee and Reagan presidential campaign; successful law practice concentrating on government regulatory and legislative matters; earned most expenses of undergraduate college and law school education; Fairfax County/Alexandria Virginian for 12 years.

In the 36th Senatorial District, the issue of overriding importance is responsiveness and service to district residents. For many, it is increasingly clear that District 36 needs a new state senator-a representative more in step with the views and priorities of district residents. Republicans voting in the June 9 primary deserve a highly qualified candidate with the ability and background to mount a winning campaign against the incumbent, and the solid experience necessary to be an effective legislator and problem-solver once in office. When it comes to legislative experience, we cannot afford to wait for on-the-job training in Richmond. My years of involvement in the governmental arena coupled with experience in the private sector have given me a balanced outlook well suited to the imposing tasks which face a Virginia legislator