A D.C. Superior Court jury has convicted three men of first-degree murder in the shooting death of a man who apparently was killed at random when the three men opened fire on a group of partygoers two years ago.

The three men also were convicted Tuesday of two counts each of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with injuries suffered by two other people during the shooting May 12, 1985, outside a martial arts school at 510 Kennedy St. NW, where a party was being held.

Convicted were Moncreif E. Gordon, 26; Lebert A. Gordon, 23, and Vernon N. Earle, 27.

Prosecutor Terence J. Keeney told the jury that the fatal shooting occurred after a gun battle earlier in the evening between the three men and a rival group.

Keeney said the three men had left the party and returned in a car, spraying the crowd with gun fire and fatally injuring 21-year-old Stephen Jackson.

Jackson and another of the victims were described as innocent bystanders by Keeney.

Two D.C. police officers who were off duty and working as security guards at the private party were placed on limited duty after reports that one officer whose gun was stolen shortly after the shootout left the scene and failed to report the stolen gun for 10 hours. One of the officers later was fired from the police force as a result of the incident, according to the U.S. attorney's office.