In an April 13 letter from Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1A to R. David Hall, president of the D.C. Board of Education, the commissioners strongly urged the school board to reject a proposal to open one or two health clinics in the public high school system. The letter also opposed a proposal to allow several types of birth control to be prescribed to students by clinic staff members. The proposals were made by school board member Eugene Kinlow, and supported by the city's health department.

Portions of the letter read: "After hearing requests from members of our community we feel very strongly that the {school} board should clearly state to our children that they should abstain from sex. The problems associated with teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can be eliminated by abstinence."

The letter went on to say, " . . . students need clear and direct messages, not contradictory indications. Students must be educated to understand that the only sex that is safe is NO SEX."

The ANC has not received a response to the letter.


At the May 12 meeting of ANC 2A, the commissioners unanimously approved the following chairpersons to head ANC committees for the next year: Ralph Rosenbaum, zoning; Sue Schumacher, environment and public safety; Richard Striner, historic preservation; Louis Rigdon, accessibility, and Maria Tyler and Charles Clapp, transportation.

Prior to the vote, commissioner Maria Tyler reported that she has copies of letters to George Washington University from the U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Aviation Administration discussing George Washington University's proposal to build a helipad on the campus. Schumacher said the letters list criteria that would be difficult to meet, including moving power lines, cutting down trees along New Hampshire Avenue and landing only police helicopters at the proposed helipad.

Following the presentation, the commissioners unanimously voted to support the Helicopter Landing Pad Prohibition Act, a bill introduced to the City Council April 3 by council member John A. Wilson (D-Ward 2), which proposes banning helicopter landings in residential areas of the District.


The ANC 2C committee on ANC operations will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in room 115 of the District Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. The ANC grant request and office procedures will be discussed.


At the June 3 meeting of ANC 2E, the commissioners approved a $300 donation to HEROS Inc., a private group that provides financial support to families of public safety employes killed in the line of duty. The donation is in memory of Officer Robert Remington, who was shot and killed May 19 after he interrupted a robbery in progress at the Hugo Boss mens' clothing store at 1517 Wisconsin Ave. NW.

The commissioners also voted unanimously not to oppose the transfer of a liquor license to the new owners of Ristorante Piccolo at 1068 31st St. NW. The owners agreed to follow several guidelines suggested by the ANC for operating the restaurant.

The commissions voted not to oppose applications to the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts for proposed additions to houses located in the Georgetown historic district at the following addresses: 1423 36th St. NW, 3617 O St. NW, 3328 Prospect St. NW and 1603 34th St. NW.

The ANC also discussed a proposed addition to the Potomac Boat Club, located on Water Street NW at the Potomac River. There was a review of two 4-by-8 foot signs that the Friends of Frances Scott Key Park plan to erect at the proposed park site, which is currently a vacant lot at 36th and M streets NW. The signs will notify people that the National Park Service will open a park there. Work on the park is expected to begin in about a year.


ANC 3C has an opening for a paid part-time staff assistant. Applicants must live in Ward 3. Anyone interested in applying for the job should call ANC 3C Chairwoman Peggy Robin at 686-9132.


ANC 3E will meet at 8 p.m. tonight in Fellowship Hall of National Presbyterian Church, 4101 Nebraska Ave. NW.

The commissioners will vote on whether to support the D.C. Zoning Commission's proposed amendments to the city code governing home offices, including how many business deliveries can be made to a home each week and how many employes are permissible for a home office.

There will also be a discussion on the planned $6.5 million renovation of the Berkshire Apartments at 4201 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Residents of the apartments have told ANC officials they don't believe the renovation is necessary.


At the May 26 meeting of ANC 3G, the commissioners unanimously voted to support the Board of Zoning Adjustment requests of William and Heidi Maloni to build a 2 1/2-story addition to a single-family house at 5818 Chevy Chase Pkwy. NW. The proposed addition would come within 18 feet of the rear property line, rather than 25 feet from the line as required.

ANC 3G is accepting applications from anyone interested in filling the vacant ANC commissioner position to represent the Barnaby Woods and Hawthorne neighborhoods. The triangular area is roughly bounded by Oregon and Western avenues and Tennyson Street NW. For more information, call the ANC office at 363-5803.


ANC 5C will meet at 7:30 p.m. today at Noyes Elementary School, 10th and Franklin streets NE.


Mayor Marion Barry Jr.'s Eastern Market Neighborhood Commission will sponsor an open house to solicit the community's opinion on the panel's proposed plan to renovate the historic Market. The open house will be noon to 5 p.m. Saturday at Market 5 Gallery, located in Eastern Market, Seventh Street and North Carolina Avenue SE.

According to ANC 6B commissioner Karen Walker, a member of the commission, citizens will be asked to fill out a survey on how they feel about the proposed plans. The results will be included in the commission's report to Barry, scheduled for submission at the end of June.

For further information, call Market 5 Gallery at 543-7293.

At the June 2 meeting of ANC 6B, the commissioners voted unanimously to oppose a Board of Zoning Adjustment application by L. Busby to open a real estate training school for 24 students at 651 Pennsylvannia Ave. SE, but not to provide the required four parking spaces. The commissioners are opposed to the application because of parking problems and traffic congestion that already exist in that area.


At the June 1 meeting of ANC 6C, Sharon Wallace of the D.C. Department of Public Works discussed the need to clean up the water in the Anacostia River. The ANC has advised residents not to pour motor oil onto the ground and not to pour paint into sewers. To find out where to dispose of chemicals and other waste that could contaminate the river, call the ANC office at 889-6600.


ANC 7B will meet at 7:30 p.m. today at Ryland Epworth United Methodist Church, Branch Avenue and S Street SE. Councilmember Betty Ann Kane (D-At Large), chairwoman of the council's Committee on Government Operations, which oversees ANC operations, will discuss ANC responsibilities.

On May 28 officials of the Board of Zoning Adjustment sent a letter to ANC 7B notifying commissioners that the BZA application of the Coalition for the Homeless Inc., requesting to open an emergency shelter for the homeless at 1320-1322 Anacostia Rd. SE, has been withdrawn. At the May 14 meeting of ANC 7B, the commissioners unanimously voted to oppose the proposed shelter. The commissioners said the area is a high-density one and a homeless shelter would cause more overcrowding. The commissioners also said the neighborhood is showing signs of deterioration and people living in a homeless shelter would not help to maintain the neighborhood.


ANC 7C will meet at 7:30 p.m. today at the ANC office, Suite 2, 4651 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave. NE.


ANC 7E Chairman Minnie Robinson met June 1 with council member John Ray (D-At Large) to discuss ANC 7E's opposition to the mayor's appointment of Charles Norris to the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The commissioners oppose Norris because they say he is not in touch with the community. Norris' appointment was approved by the City Council on June 2.

The ANC commissioners also have sent a letter to the ABC Board expressing their opposition to Norris' appointment. Norris had no comment.


ANC 7F will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Benning Stoddert Recreation Center, East Capitol Street and Stoddert Place SE.


At the May 27 meeting of ANC 8B the following winners of the ANC 8B cleanup poster contest, open to fifth and sixth grade students in the ANC area, were presented a total of $180 in cash prizes from the ANC:

In the fifth grade, Kenya Lucas, first place ($50); Monica Jenese Brown, second place ($25); and Victor Fenwick, third place ($15).

In the sixth grade, David Jones, first place ($50); Keisha Howard, second place ($25); and Lisa Williams, third place ($15).

The posters were judged by students at Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

Applications are available for the free ANC 8B summer day camp program open to youths ages 5 to 14. The camp is offered 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays, July 6 to Aug. 7, at the ANC office, 2629 Jasper St. SE. The program includes storytelling, swimming, picnics, arts and crafts, and field trips.

The program is open to 50 children. Registration forms can be picked up at the ANC 8B office from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays. The completed parental consent forms should be returned to the office or deposited in the office door slot after hours. For more information, call the ANC office at 889-9745.


ANC 8D will meet at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the fire station at First and Atlantic streets SE.

The commissioners will vote whether to support a citizens' proposal to place a referendum on the 1987 ballot requiring a 5-cent deposit on soda and beer bottles and on soft drink cans sold in the District.

There will also be a discussion about the bill being considered by the House that proposes to make the District a state.

Also at the meeting, ANC 8D will kick off a voter registration drive for the Ward 8 area. No closing date has been set for the registration drive.

"We want to make an impact the first 90 days," explained O.V. Johnson, chairman of ANC 8D. "Our goal is to be able to register at least 1,000 new people in each of the three ANC 8D precincts."

Anyone who needs information on how to register to vote should call the ANC office at 562-0191. -- Virginia Mansfield