The District man who accidentally abducted a 9-month-old girl when he stole her mother's car during the height of a January snowstorm said in court yesterday that he twice called the District's 911 number shortly afterward in a futile attempt to have the child rescued.

James F. Glover, 41, said the first call to the emergency number was made within an hour of his taking a Ford Mustang from the child's mother at a Seat Pleasant service station and he called again later the same night after seeing a televised plea by the woman.

"Something was eating me out down deep inside," said Glover, who told U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green that he had parked the stolen auto under a streetlight with all the car's lights on in an effort to attract attention to the child.

Glover, who told the judge he had been freebasing cocaine that night and fell asleep a short time later, said he was shocked when he awoke the next day to find the baby was still missing and caught a ride to where he had left the car so he could get a specific address.

He said he then called 911 a third time, asked for a fire truck and an ambulance to be sent to the 1900 block of I Street NE and waited a short distance away until he could see rescuers putting the baby into the ambulance.

"I felt a great deal of relief," Glover said. "It wasn't my intention to take no kid."

Nine-month-old Andrea Haggins Ford was found, frostbitten but otherwise unharmed, in the snow-blanketed Ford Mustang about 20 hours after Glover stole the car from Betty Ford.

Glover's account of the events came during a court hearing in which he pleaded guilty to interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle and theft in connection with the incident and to a robbery charge stemming from an incident in which he stole a car from another woman at a D.C. service station two weeks later.

Glover was arrested in late February after officials matched his voice to that on the recording of the call to 911 that led police to the child. Sources confirmed yesterday that Glover had also made the earlier calls to 911.

Glover told Green he had been at a "base house" in Prince George's County on Jan. 21 and had used between $300 and $400 worth of drugs. But when he left, he still had a "strong urge for cocaine" and decided to steal the car to get Ford's purse.

While Ford was pumping gasoline, he got in the car and "took off," not realizing that the baby was in the car.

Glover could face a maximum of 30 years in prison and a $255,000 fine when he is sentenced on July 15. He also faces state kidnaping charges.