The Montgomery County Board of Appeals recently made the following decisions on requests for variances and special exceptions to zoning laws. For more information, call 279-1226.


CLARKSBURG RD., 28601 -- Granted a special exception request by Apple Landscaping to operate a landscaping contracting business in a prime farmland area.


DIMES RD., 5718 -- Granted a variance request by Lena E. Voyles to allow a recently constructed house to remain 30 feet from the front property line instead of the minimum 40 feet required.

OVERHILL RD., 17107 -- Denied a special exception request by Manuchir and Nushafarin Sabaii for a day care center for up to 20 children in a residential zone.


ROUNDABOUT DR., 16601 -- Granted a request by Quince Orchard Limited Partnership to modify an existing special exception to build a glass bubble over an outdoor swimming pool at a swim and tennis club in a residential zone.

SNOUFFER SCHOOL RD., 8041 -- Granted a special exception request by Richard A. Brenner to operate a batting practice facility in an industrial zone.


BEDFORDSHIRE CT., 9916 -- Granted a special exception request by Lois D. Forster to operate a party decorating service out of a residence.

SPRING RIDGE RD., 11600 -- Granted a variance request by Stephen C. and N. Turner to allow a swimming pool under construction to remain in the front yard instead of in the rear yard as allowed.