Fairfax County during the next six years will reap more than $130 million in state construction funds for secondary roads, including $47 million for the Springfield Bypass and $11 million for the widening of Braddock Road, according to a new spending program hammered out by state and county officials.

The spending plan, which will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors Monday, is the first to specify the secondary road projects in Fairfax County that will benefit from the $422-million-a-year transportation tax package that was passed in a special session of the General Assembly last fall.

The windfall means "a lot of new projects," according to Fairfax County Transportation Director Shiva Pant.

By comparison, he said, the last six-year improvement plan, approved in 1985, included just $30 million for secondary roads, a category that accounts for most of the county's 2,000-mile road network.

The new six-year plan allocates money for a number of significant road projects, including the proposed Springfield Bypass, a 35-mile road that is one of the region's top transportation priorities.

The plan allocates $20 million for construction of the road between Pohick Road and Rolling Road, plus additional funds for design and right-of-way acquisition.

Some segments are to be built with $90 million raised from a bond issue approved by Fairfax voters in 1985.

The funding still falls far short of the level needed to complete the road, whose cost has been estimated at $235 million.

In addition to the Springfield Bypass, the plan includes $11.3 million for improvements to Braddock Road between Rte. 123 and Guinea Road; $6.5 million for improvements to West Ox Road between Rte. 50 and Rte. 29; $5 million for countywide improvements to traffic signals, signs and other amenities; and $7.6 million for the replacement of inadequate bridges and the paving of dirt roads.

Additional funds are targeted at designing long-range projects, as well as preserving rights-of-way for those on the drawing boards. For example, the plan calls for spending $16.9 million for the purchase of property in the path of the Springfield Bypass.

Under the plan, some sections of the bypass would receive only a portion of funds needed for construction, including those between Rte. 7 and the Dulles Toll Road and Braddock Road and Rte. 123.

Other significant projects that received partial funding include Centreville Road between Rte. 50 and the Dulles Toll Road and Franconia Road between Kraft Road and Telegraph Road.

State transportation officials and county supervisors plan a public hearing Monday.