Moving the lights has destroyed images of the face of Jesus on a freezer and of the Virgin Mary on the side of a house that drew thousands to two small towns in Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

The face of Jesus drew people to Estill Springs, Tenn., to look at a five-foot-tall freezer on the front deck of the trailer home of Arlene and Luther Gardner. Arlene Gardner, 66, said the image was "a sign that Jesus is coming again soon."

When she notified a local radio station about the image, visitors began flocking to her trailer to see the face appear just after dusk, when a neighbor's bright porch light cast a mixture of light and shadow on the freezer.

"Jesus said He connected that porch light to my freezer and turned my freezer into a TV by electricity," Gardner said.

"He made it a TV. That's how I knew He wanted this vision on television for the world to see," she added.

The face stopped appearing on the freezer when the Rev. John Partin, minister of the Estill Springs Church of Christ and the Gardners' neighbor, relocated the porch light that had been shining on the appliance.

"I'm not a mean man at all, and I hate to be the one to do this, but it's got to stop," Partin said. "I've opened my doors to the whole county, it feels like. We're worn out. I think I've taken more than most people would take with all this. Now it's time for it to end."

People began seeing the image of the Virgin Mary on the side of an empty house in Hanover Township, Pa., after the township installed new street lights in early May. People streamed into the area to kneel and pray before the image.

But police had a more mundane theory of what was causing the image to appear. They asked neighbor Richard Chintalla to open one of his windows, ending any reflection from the glass. He did so, and the image disappeared.

To discourage the crowds, Police Chief Richard Yourren said the nearby street light has been shut off and will be moved to another pole.