In an article entitled "Busing Ruling Saddens Ritchie Park Parents" {Metro, June 5}, The Post's reporter, Zita Arocha, stated that the opposition by Ritchie Park parents to the changing of boundaries from Wootton High School to Richard Montgomery "has taken on racial overtones because Richard Montgomery has a 38 percent minority enrollment and an aging facility, while Wootton is a newer school with a highly regarded academic program and an 18 percent minority population."

In my view, this statement amounts to group libel, since it implies that opposition to the boundary change is tantamount to being racist.

Wootton's "highly regarded academic program" has nothing whatever to do with race; nor do the facilities have anything to do with race.

During this lengthy controversy, to my knowledge, not one spokesman for Ritchie Park Elementary, the Horizon Hill community nor for Richard Montgomery High School has even suggested, let alone implied, that the basis for the opposition had anything whatsoever to do with race.

To the contrary; the issue has been and remains the proximity of our neighborhood to our local schools and to a good education for our children. The school board has now voted that the community of Horizon Hill children -- who now walk to Wootton High School -- will be bused to Richard Montgomery High School. One neighborhood adjacent to ours will have their children walk through our neigborhood to attend Wootton. Is this logical or fair? Neighborhoods 10 or 11 miles away will continue to have their children bused to Wootton, while our children, just hundreds of yards from Wootton, are not permitted to attend their neighborhood school. That always has been and remains the issue at hand.

The Post's injection of race into this issue is unsupported by the facts.