Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1C will not meet at its regularly scheduled time July 1. Instead, the meeting will be held later in the month. Call the ANC office at 332-2630 for details.

At the June 3 meeting of ANC 1C, the commissioners voted unanimously to reaffirm the ANC's opposition to the suicide barrier railings on the Duke Ellington Bridge, which is where Calvert Street NW crosses Rock Creek Park. The commissioners are opposed to the barriers because there have been suicides since they were installed and the commissioners say they are ineffective.

Commissioners also said the majority of those attending an ANC 1C town meeting felt the barriers would not prevent suicides and that funds used to install the railings should have been spent on a mental health outreach program that would, among other things, have paid for installing emergency hot line phones on the bridge.

Also at the June 3 meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to: Support an application to the Board of Zoning Adjustment to construct an addition to the Scottish Rite Temple at 16th Street and Columbia Road NW. Support an application for a certificate of need by Children's Hospital to operate a speech and hearing clinic in the proposed Scottish Rite addition. Support a proposed amendment to the Human Rights Act of 1977 being considered by the D.C. City Council that would grant four months leave without pay to parents for pregnancy or adoption.. The amendment, which would affect only people who work in the District, would prohibit employers from firing or demoting anyone taking the leave.

Commissioners voted not to support a proposed council bill that would establish new community-based facilities and halfway houses in Ward 1, specifically the Adams Morgan area. The commissioners said group homes lessen the pool of housing for large families and increase the cost of houses in general. They also said there are already several such facilities in Ward 1. The commissioners said at the meeting that they would not support placing any new group homes in Ward 1 without being given more comprehensive information about the location and status of such facilities citywide.

Commissioners also voted unanimously to ask the council to hold public hearings on two bills dealing with ethical standards within city government: the Municipal Integrity Act of 1987 and the D.C. Anti-Corruption and Fraud Act of 1987.

In other news, the ANC 1C Adams Morgan Festival Task Force has written guidelines for the annual Adams Morgan Day Festival. They are available at the ANC office, first floor, 2425 18th St. NW.

This week, the ANC sent letters to the D.C. Office of Latino Affairs, the D.C. Department of Public Works and the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board complaining that those offices have not been giving the required 30 days written notice to the ANC on city actions affecting the Adams Morgan area.

The following commissioners have been appointed to head ANC 2C committees: Doris Green, housing and economic development; Edward Jackson, environmental and transportation; William Arrington, festivals, arts and recreation; William Dent, government relations; B. Harold Smith, human services and education; Virginia Johnson, newsletter and public relations; and Emily Gumpert, zoning and community planning.

The new officers of ANC 1C are B. Harold Smith, chairman; Edward Jackson, vice chairman; Dianna White, secretary; and Virginia Johnson, treasurer.

ANC 1C has several copies of the Iona House Resources for Older Residents directory. The free directories are available at the ANC office. For more information, call the ANC at 332-2630. MOUNT PLEASANT

ANC 1E will meet at 7 tonight at the Mount Pleasant Library, 16th and Lamont streets NW. This will be the last regular meeting for the summer. The commission members will discuss traffic control and related problems on Clark Road and Irving Street NW. A representative from the D.C. Department of Public Works will participate in the discussion.

The officers will hold open executive committee meetings at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month through the summer in the ANC office, Suite 2, 3219 Mount Pleasant St. NW. To contact the ANC, call 462-3595. DUPONT CIRCLE

Commissioner Marilyn Welles, who represents Single Member District 6 of ANC 2B, resigned earlier this month because she is moving from the Washington area. Anyone interested in representing that district, which is bounded roughly by Rock Creek Park, P Street, New Hampshire Avenue and N Street NW, should call the ANC office at 659-2275. NEAR NE-NEAR NW-SHAW

ANC 2C will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Room 114 of the District Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

At its June 3 meeting, ANC 2C commissioners voted to support a citizens' proposal to place an initiative on the 1987 city ballot requiring a 5-cent deposit on soda and beer bottles and on soft drink cans sold in the District.

The commissioners also voted to support several activities being sponsored by the D.C. Statehood Committee, a citizens' group promoting statehood status for the District.

Shahid Z. Abdullah, a member of the community-based group Alternatives to Incarceration Committee, discussed how ANC 2C residents can help promote community awareness and participation in the field of correction and criminal justice. For more information, call the ANC office at 234-8400. GEORGETOWN

ANC 2E will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. John's Episcopal Church Parish House, 3240 O St. NW.

The commissioners will consider two Board of Zoning Adjustment applications: a request by the Potomac Boat Club to build an addition to the boat club, 3530 Water St. NW; and a request by the trustees of Harvard College to modify the campus plan of the Center for Hellenic Studies, 3100 Whitehaven St. NW.

Also at the meeting: The National Development Company will display several artifacts unearthed last spring during an archeological dig at 3333 Water St. NW, which is in the ANC area.

Ron Linton of Georgetown and Foggy Bottom Trolley Inc., a nonprofit organization that advocates establishing a trolley railroad system to link the Metro subway system with the Georgetown and Foggy Bottom neighborhoods, will discuss a ridership survey the group is currently conducting to determine the need for such a system. The owners of a proposed restaurant, the Black-Eyed Pea, to be located at 1042 Wisconsin Ave. NW, will make a presentation. N. CLEVELAND PARK-FOREST HILLS

ANC 3F will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in Room A04, Building 41, University of the District of Columbia, Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street NW.

Former D.C. Auditor Matthew Watson will discuss D.C. statehood. The commission also will hear an update on plans by WJLA-TV to move from 4461 Connecticut Ave. NW to the International Center complex on Connecticut Avenue between Van Ness and Tilden streets NW.

Commissioners also will discuss complaints from citizens about illegal parking and a lack of maintenance at the Sunoco gas station at Connecticut Avenue and Fessenden Street NW.

A citizen's request for "No Trucks" signs to be posted on Yuma Street NW between Wisconsin Avenue and Reno Road also will be discussed. Currently trucks are not allowed on that section of Yuma Street NW.

ANC 3F will not meet during July and August. To contact the ANC, call the office at 362-6120. PORTAL-SHEP. PARK-BRIGHTWOOD

ANC 4A will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Fourth District Police Headquarters, 6001 Georgia Ave. NW. BRIGHTWOOD-TAKOMA-MANOR PK.

ANC 4B will meet at 7:30 tonight at the Fourth District Police Headquarters, 6001 Georgia Ave. NW. PETWORTH

ANC 4C not meet at its regularly scheduled time on July 1. Instead the meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. July 8 at the ANC office, 4020 Eighth St. NW. IVY CITY-ARBORETUM-TRINIDAD

ANC 5B will meet at 7:30 p.m. July 2 at the Washington Center for Aging Services, 2601 18th St. NE. A representative from a nonprofit group that supports independent living for physically and mentally handicapped persons will discuss programs available for the handicapped.

A representative from the C & P Telephone Co. will discuss consumer services the company offers. CAPITOL HILL-NORTHEAST

ANC 6A will meet not meet during July and August. To contact the ANC, call the office at 544-3637. CONGRESS HEIGHTS

ANC 8C will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the ANC office, 3125 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE. --