James S. Morris Jr., a residential real estate broker, has filed to run as an independent candidate for chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Morris, 47, of Oakton is a lifelong Democrat who says he can offer an alternative to voters who are disenchanted with the policies of the major party candidates for board chairman, Republican John F. Herrity, the incumbent, and Democratic Supervisor Audrey Moore of Annandale. The election is Nov. 3.

"I like to look at myself as someone right down the middle," said Morris, a native of the District who has lived in Fairfax since 1963. He said his original intent to vie for the Democratic nomination had been rebuffed by local party officials.

"For . . . years, Jack and Audrey have been around and all of the problems that everybody's screaming about have been developing," he said. "Now that everything has hit the fan, they're saying they're going to do things they should have been doing all these years. I think it's poor management, frankly. They have not seen the future."

Morris said he could bring together developers and citizens groups to find common ground. Suggesting that parking lots be built in flood plains to alleviate the county's parking problem, he noted that "we have to fight the environmental people a little bit."

Morris, who has not held elective office in Fairfax, said he has borrowed $100,000 for the campaign and hopes to raise more.