Robert L. Thoburn, a former Republican delegate from Fairfax County, has filed as an independent to run for the county Board of Supervisors in the Dranesville District.

Thoburn, 58, a conservative who served in the House of Delegates from 1978 to 1980, will face incumbent Nancy K. Falck, a Republican, and Democrat Lilla D. Richards in the general election Nov. 3. Dranesville is the county's northernmost district, bordering the Potomac and including McLean, Great Falls and Herndon.

Thoburn's son Lloyd challenged Falck in the Republican primary, managing a surprisingly strong 47 percent of the vote and convincing some GOP strategists that Falck is in political trouble this year.

Robert Thoburn, who has lived in Fairfax for 28 years, filed as an independent June 9, the day his son was defeated in the primary.

The Thoburns, who own the Fairfax Christian School, say they have been peeved at Falck ever since she joined three Democratic supervisors two years ago to oppose the family's proposal to expand the school.

They have made it clear they are running to oust her. "We're unhappy with our current supervisor," Robert Thoburn said.

He said he "can do a lot to solve the problems in the county," in particular devising a better transportation system.

Thoburn cited his experience as a state legislator as valuable to helping unclog the county's roads because "a lot of our problems are going to have to be solved in harmony with the state." --