The following items were discussed by the Alexandria School Board at its June 18 meeting. For further information, call 988-2100.

STUDENT SMOKING BAN -- The School Board voted unanimously to ban smoking by students at T.C. Williams High School, the city's only high school.

Student smoking already is prohibited in elementary and intermediate schools. Teachers and other adults, however, are permitted to smoke in designated school areas. Previously, students at T.C. Williams likewise were permitted to smoke in designated areas.

The vote ended a confrontation between the board's four smoking members and its five nonsmokers. Board member Judith Seltz, a nonsmoker, proposed a tougher version of the policy last month: to ban smoking by both students and adults at all schools. With one nonsmoker absent from that meeting, the proposal was defeated on a 4-to-4 tie, with the board's smokers voting against it and nonsmokers for it.

Prior to the vote, Seltz said the watered-down smoking ban "is better than nothing; it's a start."

During a brief debate, Seltz said she hoped the designated smoking areas for adults at the schools "will become smaller and smaller."

The comment angered board member Gene Lange, who said, "If that's your intent, then it's obvious you have a vendetta and I'm not going to vote for this." Lange changed his mind and voted for the student smoking ban.

NEW PRINCIPAL -- The board voted 6 to 3 to appoint Robert F. Yeager as principal of George Washington Junior High School. Yeager will succeed Steve Osisek, who is retiring after 35 years with the Alexandria school system. He will be paid $55,380 a year.

The board's three black members, A. Melvin Miller, Nelson Greene Jr. and Lynnwood Campbell Jr., voted against Yeager's appointment. Miller said it was a "merely a coincidence" that the black board members voted together and it did not represent a problem in the black community with Yeager, who is white.

"I think he {Yeager} is qualified and will make a good principal and I support him," Miller said. "He simply wasn't my first choice." Greene and Campbell also said that Yeager simply was not their first choice and they will support him as principal.

Yeager, 44, has worked for the Alexandria schools since 1965. He has been associate principal at T.C. Williams High School for three years and was associate principal of Francis C. Hammond Junior High from 1979 to 1984. He began his career in Alexandria by teaching social studies at George Washington Junior High for three years before becoming coordinator of data processing for the school system from 1968 to 1971. He served as assistant principal of Howard Middle School from 1971 to 1979.

Yeager, who is married and has three teen-age children, has a bachelor's degree in social studies from West Chester State College and a master's degree in secondary school administration from George Washington University.

RETIREMENT DELAYED -- School Superintendent Robert W. Peebles, who was scheduled to retire June 30, has agreed to stay in the post through July 31 so that an interim superintendent will not have to be appointed.

Board Vice Chairwoman Sandra Lindsay announced at the meeting that the board has narrowed its search for a new superintendent to seven candidates, down from 16. The names of the seven have not been made public. Lindsay said the board hopes to select a new superintendent by August.