A fund-raising "Bingo" game scheduled for the 4th of July is creating some fireworks of its own in Woodbridge.

Despite the opposition of a handful of Rotary Club members -- at least three of whom have resigned in protest -- organizers say they plan to proceed with "Cow Chip Bingo," in which prizes will be awarded depending on where in a fenced-off field two cows decide to deposit some natural fertilizer.

One hundred 10-by-10-foot sections of a field near Potomac Mills shopping mall in Prince William County are being "sold" for $100 each, with proceeds going to polio eradication efforts worldwide. The rest is up to the cows, which are being loaned from the petting area of a local animal shelter.

Prizes for the event, which begins at 7 p.m., range from a dinner for four to $1,000 cash.

"We thought this would be something that would be a lot of fun," Michael Polifko, secretary of the 46-member Rotary Club, said yesterday. He said the organization had been looking for a different type of fund-raiser. Some members had read about a similar event in a newspaper and "it sounded great," Polifko said.

Not to everyone, however. Three club members have resigned because of concern about the gambling aspect of the event, the sale of beer, and liability if the cows injure someone or something, Polifko said.

But most people don't seem to have a beef with the fund-raiser. Polifko reports that all but 20 plots have been sold.