The following was among actions taken at the June 23 meeting of the Fairfax City Council. For more information, call 385-7855.

CHAIN BRIDGE ROAD WIDENING -- The council, turning aside objections from some city residents, voted 5 to 1 to hold a $15 million bond referendum for the widening of a stretch of Chain Bridge Road from two to four lanes.

As part of the referendum, city voters also will decide whether to convert portions of Chain Bridge Road and University Drive to one-way streets to help move traffic more quickly through the city. The plan will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Traffic on Chain Bridge Road (Rte. 123), a major road artery running across Fairfax County, has been congested for years. But Fairfax City has refused to widen a portion of the road running through the city, arguing that much of its traffic consists of cars coming from surrounding Fairfax County.

The plan approved by the council would widen Chain Bridge Road from Kenmore Drive to Warwick Avenue, near Rte. 50. Chain Bridge Road from Kenmore Drive to Judicial Drive would become a one-way street carrying southbound traffic. University Drive from Kenmore Avenue to Warwick Avenue would also become one-way carrying northbound traffic. Rust Curve, a wooded, winding stretch of Chain Bridge Road located north of the city's downtown area, would be left untouched by the widening.

To connect the one-way segments of Chain Bridge Road and University Drive, Judicial Drive would be extended east and Kenmore Drive would be realigned to connect with Layton Hall Drive.

More than a dozen city residents criticized the plan, arguing that it would disrupt the flow of traffic through the city and that only a county bypass around the city could reduce traffic gridlock on Chain Bridge Road. These residents said widening the road and establishing the one-way segments on University Drive and Chain Bridge Road would attract more traffic through the city.

If the bond issue is approved by residents, the road widening would probably begin in the early 1990s.