It appears that some citizens' groups have been peppering the homes of Silver Spring, seeking to stop our revitalization. They cite the "art deco" appearance of some of the buildings in downtown Silver Spring, and insist they be retained for "historical" value.

None of these people apparently live in downtown Silver Spring nor do they shop there.

I do. I have lived in Silver Spring for 36 years, and presently live one block from the heart of "downtown." I have watched Silver Spring from its zenith -- when it had a Hot Shoppes, Brentano's, Jelleff's and a Hahn shoe store where one could not get in on Saturday's because it was so crowded -- to its current nadir.

There is no way that this "art deco" heritage can ever be a potential resource for Silver Spring. Sure, certain things should be kept for historical value, but believe me -- as one who is in downtown Silver Spring daily -- the only thing of real art deco value was the sign "SILVER" above the now closed Silver Theatre. This sign was taken down some months ago.

Developer Lloyd Moore should be praised for having the foresight and capability to revitalize downtown Silver Spring. It needs it. MOLLY ROCHE Silver Spring