I am outraged at Gov. Schaefer's veto of the service station security bill. This bill would have required 24-hour service stations to establish certain security measures, such as remote-control pumps and bullet-proof control booths. Gov. Schaefer was asked to veto the bill by Mobil, Sunoco and Crown Central Petroleum, among others. But I feel more qualified than any oil company bigwig to speak about this bill, because I work at a Crown service station in Maryland.

I must be prepared to handle five or six customers at a time. I have the responsibility of making sure my counter is clear, the inventory is properly organized and the entire station, including the bathroom, is clean. I also have to watch the station like a hawk. Recently, for example, a customer who needed water for his radiator took the liberty of stealing the station's garden hose.

The security bill would have made it much easier for the attendant in charge, especially during the graveyard shift. If the new security measures were required, there would be no need for the attendant to leave his booth.

Both Gov. Schaefer and Crown have been shortsighted in opposing this bill. Gov. Schaefer, by passing it, could have benefited thousands of grateful voters who work for Crown and other gas stations as service attendants. I hope the Maryland legislature recognizes the importance of this bill and overturns Gov. Schaefer's veto.


Silver Spring