I object to the discriminatory treatment of the young people of Prince George's County in the article by Kathleen Kennedy and Donna Niewiaroski {Maryland Weekly, June 18}.

The article concerned the approaching competitive swimming season. The Prince-Mont Swim League was allotted a disproportionately small amount of space in the article. Here is a breakdown of coverage by lines of the leagues written about in the story:

Northern Virginia Swim League -- 98 teams -- 30 lines.

Dominion League (No. Va.) -- 9 teams -- 10 lines.

Reston Swim Team Association -- 8 teams -- 9 lines.

Montgomery County Swim League -- 77 teams -- 37 lines.

Country Club Swimming & Diving League (4 divisions -- 13 lines.

Prince-Mont Swim League -- 48 teams -- 7 lines

DC Competitive Swim League -- 12 teams -- 20 lines

The Prince-Mont Swim League, the third largest (in number of teams) in the metropolitan area, received the lowest number of lines of coverage.

The coverage of the other leagues gave schedules, mentioned prevailing teams and gave details of the operation of the leagues or events. The mere seven lines of coverage of Prince-Mont indicated when the season started and ended, but little else. Not only is this a disservice to your readers in Prince George's County, it is a disservice to the many young people in the county who devote just as much energy, try just as hard and compete just as fiercely as those in other parts of the area.


Temple Hills