A Prince George's Circuit Court judge set bond at $100,000 yesterday for Derrick Fenner, University of North Carolina football star charged in connection with a drug-related slaying last month, despite a plea from an Oxon Hill football coach who called Fenner an "outstanding person."

More than a dozen of Fenner's relatives, friends and former coaches came to the courthouse yesterday in the hopes that Fenner would be released from the County Correctional Center pending his trial. But Circuit Court Judge Jacob S. Levin allowed only Fenner's high school football coach, Michael Pearson, to speak before setting the bond.

Fenner, 20, faces first degree murder charges stemming from what police describe as a drug-related shooting rampage May 23. One man, Marcellus Leach, 19, died of a gunshot wound in the head in the incident, which involved a number of gunmen, at the Kirkwood Apartments in Hyattsville. A 17-year-old bystander was shot in the leg.

Defense attorneys yesterday said Fenner was 30 minutes away from the Kirkwood apartments when the incident occurred and that they have identified 10 witnesses who can establish his alibi. No trial date has been set.

Fenner broke Atlantic Coast Conference records as a college running back at UNC. He has been in the county jail since surrendering to police June 2.

Fenner also faces charges of possessing cocaine and transporting a handgun, in an unrelated arrest April 9. In both cases, he faces up to two life sentences plus 47 years and $27,500 in fines.

"He's an outstanding individual . . . . It's my own judgment that {Fenner's involvement in the incident is} uncharacteristic of him as a person," Pearson said. Pearson said he recruited Fenner as a sophomore at Oxon Hill to play on the school's football team. They have since become close friends, he said.

Prosecutors had argued for no bail, saying that Fenner was free on his own recognizance in the drug and handgun case when the shootings occurred.

The $100,000 bond requires a $10,000 cash deposit or the use of a Maryland property with $100,000 in equity as collateral, according to defense attorney Fred R. Joseph, who said it will be difficult for Fenner's parents to raise the funds.