The new indoor crypt that will contain the remains of the Rev. Solanus Casey, a Roman Catholic monk whose life of good works is being reviewed for possible sainthood, should be finished by the end of this month, according to Ignatius Milne, a member of Detroit's Capuchin monastery.

A judge has approved a petition to exhume the remains of Casey, who died 30 years ago, from an outdoor grave in the cemetery adjoining Detroit's St. Bonaventure Monastery.

The Roman Catholic Church requires the exhumation as part of a process that could sanctify Casey, whose job was to open the door at Detroit's Capuchin monastery for 21 years.

Casey's supporters say his prayers brought many cures, including that of a Detroit boy with polio and of a printer whose sight was restored after he was blinded in an accident. Since Casey's death, supporters say, there have been reports of healings after people prayed to him.

On Aug. 2, three special masses at St. Bonaventure's Monastery Church will commemorate Casey's death in Detroit on July 31, 1957, at age 86. His remains will be reinterred in a crypt in the floor of the monastery church.