Army officials in Alexandria are conducting a nationwide search for a professional manager who can organize marketing strategies, conduct leadership training programs and determine policies for Army facilities around the world.

Applicants must also play a mean game of golf.

The Army, which operates more than 100 golf courses worldwide, is advertising for a "golf program analyst," a new position that Army officials say is necessitated by the game's increasing popularity.

Applicants must have extensive experience on the links and be familiar with all aspects of golf course operations, officials said. A newspaper advertisement for the position says the analyst must be "free to travel extensively." A membership in the Professional Golfers Association is a plus.

Those excited by the prospect of receiving between $32,567 and $37,997 a year to improve their putting game should be advised: "This person is not going to be out playing golf," said Steve Rosetti, a spokesman for the Army's Community Family Support Center, which oversees the Army's recreational activities. "That is not our intention."

Instead, the analyst will tackle all the challenges that golf courses pose: increasing sales in the pro shop, hiring qualified employes, interpreting tournament rules and "implementing golf course regulatory procedures issued by Congress and the DOD," Rosetti said.

Army officials saw the need for an administrator when they began receiving more and more calls from course managers requesting tips. "Essentially, we're seeking ways to make the program more efficient. We need somebody who can look at what's going on in the game and relay that to all the managers," Rosetti said.

The Army also has positions open for a supervisory arts and crafts specialist, a community recreation manager and a supervisory sports specialist.

Army officials said that whoever is chosen for the golf job does not have to enlist and does not have to be a prominent figure in the game.

But the new "golf program analyst" had better be well-rounded because he, or she, will run the Army's bowling program as well.