The following was among actions taken at the July 13 meeting of the Falls Church City Council. For more information, call 241-5003.

STOP SIGN CONTROVERSY -- About 20 city residents appeared at the council meeting to urge the reinstallation of two controversial stop signs at the intersection of North West Street and North Oak Street -- to again make it a four-way-stop intersection.

The city removed the two stop signs on North West Street late last year after a one-year trial period. They were installed in 1985 at the request of residents who complained about speeding cars and poor visibility at the intersection, but were removed after a city study found that cars were still speeding on the streets. Some residents also opposed the four-way-stop intersection.

At Monday's meeting, Beth Stoffel, who lives on Greenwich Street about two blocks from the intersection, urged the council to bring back the stop signs. She argued the crossroad is hazardous for pedestrians, many of whom are children walking to and from nearby Mt. Daniel Elementary School.

While more than a dozen residents rose to support her, several other city residents opposed the return of the stop signs, arguing that they had led to traffic confusion and increased air pollution.

The council took no action on the issue.