The Montgomery County Executive and County Council have for months accused Dickerson and Shady Grove citizens of NIMBYism -- the Not-In-My-Back-Yard syndrome -- on the issue of putting a 2,000-ton-per-day mass-burn incinerator in one of those two communities. Surely there has never been a more NIMBYish vote than the one the council took last Tuesday in favor of putting the incinerator in Dickerson.

The county expects the operating expenses of a Dickerson facility to be $20 million a year greater than that of a Shady Grove incinerator. Ten million dollars of this is the cost of hauling the trash by rail from the county transfer station to Dickerson ($28,800 per day!) and the other half is the loss of revenue from the sale of steam, impossible at Dickerson.

With the toxins removed from the waste stream, and with existing technology, Montgomery County's trash could safely be disposed of for the next 100 years in Travilah Quarry, which is located near Potomac, where County Executive Sidney Kramer lives. But the quarry, the best solution by far, has been dismissed without a second glance by the county leadership. NIMBY, Mr. Kramer? KERRIE L. KYDE Dickerson