In a preliminary committee vote, the Prince George's County Council rejected a request by the Evangel Temple for water and sewer hookups to serve church buildings planned in Largo. If the full council turns down the request for utility access tomorrow, the project could be delayed.

Church officials said after the committee vote on Wednesday that if the access is denied they plan to go forward with the project and construct a private water and sewer system.

A group of Largo residents is attempting to stop construction of a 3,200-seat sanctuary, a 600-seat chapel and a Sunday school on about three acres of the church-owned 462-acre site.

Council rejection of water and sewer hookups would not prevent church officials from building the temple. Although the 230,000-square-foot complex would be in an area zoned for single-family homes on two-acre lots, county law allows churches to be built in all areas except industrial zones.

Those opposed to the project contend that it would have a negative impact on the residential, low-density community, would worsen traffic on Rte. 214 and would lead to zoning changes permitting high-density development on the remaining 459 acres.