General Motors Corp. is recalling 11,370 of its 1986- and 1987-model cars for a variety of electrical and brake problems.

GM said yesterday that it is recalling some 1986-model Buick LeSabres and 1987-model Buick Electras, as well as 1986 and 1987 Cadillac Fleetwoods and DeVilles, Oldsmobile Ninety-Eights and Pontiac 6000 STE models that are equipped with antilock brakes because a hydraulic leak could result in the loss of the rear brakes.

The company said that a warning light would show on the car's dashboard, and the system would allow 10 to 30 more stops before losing any brake function.

GM also said the Pontiac cars might have water-damaged electrical relays in the brake system, causing the antilock brake function to fail.

Antilock brakes prevent the wheels and tires from locking during hard braking to minimize skidding while increasing stopping control.

GM also is recalling 5,200 of its 1987-model Pontiac Bonneville cars because an electrical circuit may overload when the fog lamps are on, causing both the fog lamps and the headlights to go out intermittently.

In addition, the company is calling back about 170 1986- and 1987-model transit buses made by its GM Diesel division in Canada because a faulty valve could cause partial or complete loss of the rear brakes.

GM said it is aware of no accidents or injuries related to any of the problems, and will make all repairs free.