We live on Brookville Road between East-West Highway and Western Avenue in Chevy Chase. To most drivers, our street is merely a way to get from one major road to another without facing Connecticut Avenue traffic. To those of us who live on Brookville Road, it is the street we walk to local stores on, the street we stroll with our pets on, the street children ride their bikes on, the street we must cross daily.

In an effort to make the street safer, the Chevy Chase village councils have lobbied for stop signs at nearly every intersection. In addition, the speed limit is clearly and often displayed: 25 mph. Unfortunately, those who observe the speed limit are often tailgated and run the risk of being rear-ended if they come to a full stop at the intersections. At night cars race at such speeds that we sometimes hear wheels squealing as drivers try to stop at the stop signs; after dark many ignore them altogether.

We realize the strong temptation to speed on a road where there is little surveillance, but we wish drivers would understand that there is a good reason for the low speed limit: though Brookville Road is not closed off to through traffic like several of the surrounding streets, it is a neighborhood street, not a highway. This neighborhood is full of devoted walkers, joggers, bikers, children and pets who are at risk from the cars, especially at night.

It may be a futile gesture, but we ask that before a child gets hit coming home from school or a lost pet gets splattered on Brookville Road, drivers learn to respect the fact that we deserve a safe street to live on. RACHEL A. BERNHARDT LEE E. REINER Chevy Chase