It is my belief that Prince George's General Hospital's policy on testing patients as possible AIDS virus carriers {"Rescue Workers Confront AIDS Fear," front page, July 15} discriminates on the basis of occupation.

I am an emergency medical services provider -- first on the scene of many emergencies. Recently I responded to an incident in which a patient suffered numerous lacerations and was bleeding profusely. The patient, in police custody for an emergency psychiatric evaluation, refused to provide me with any information regarding his identity. Thus he became "Mac Doe" to the admissions officials at Prince George's General Hospital. The only information provided by the patient was that he was an occasional IV drug user, placing him in the high-risk category for having the AIDS virus or related HIV antibodies. I asked the emergency room personnel to perform the HTLV-III test on Mac Doe, but the hospital refused, citing patient confidentiality.

The following day I questioned the emergency room head nurse regarding the policy on testing patients for exposure to AIDS. She said that protecting a patient's confidentiality was the rule and added that had someone tested the patient, she would have tried to have that person fired. Subsequently, I went to a private physician for testing.

I am outraged that an emergency room will not conduct a test to protect a rescue worker, but will to protect a nurse who accidentally pricked herself with a needle that had been used in treating a high-risk patient. The hospital's application of the test to determine the presence of the AIDS antibodies was nothing more than an unfair accommodation to the nurse and violated the policy previously quoted to me.

This system has completely forsaken the fire fighters and police officers who risk their lives daily with accident victims, suicides and the like. The recent passage of legislation requiring hospital officials to notify first responders of possible contamination needs to be broadened to include the AIDS virus. JAMES F. BOYD President, District Heights Volunteer Fire Department deftext District Heights