I have been running, every day, from Wayne Avenue to University Boulevard on the Sligo Creek Parkway path for the last three and a half years. Because of my work schedule I often run alone, taking the necessary safety precautions. I was therefore quite concerned to read in The Post that two rapes and one assault had occurred there in June {Metro, July 16}.

I was undoubtedly on the path, alone, either before or after each attack; and while I have a very high regard for our police force, in this instance I think my safety, and the safety of a number of others (including the young boys and girls riding bikes and playing there), was severely jeopardized by their not making us aware of the first incident and by not informing residents that the person responsible was still at large. The article stated that 42 police force members patrolled the path as cyclists and joggers. Couldn't one of them, having seen me running alone, have made me aware of what was going on? Had I known about the first incident I would have changed my running schedule so I could either double up with other runners or run elsewhere.

Perhaps if more of us had been informed of the first attack, the other two victims might have been spared. Our police force should, in the future, make a more intensified and systematic effort to alert the public.

JOAN E. DOHERTY Silver Spring