Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Veronica Simmons McBeth deserves the King Solomon award for wisdom and justice for sentencing a negligent California slum lord to a life of squalor. The judge ordered him to live in one of his own tenements. I think the same principle should be applied to the assorted county executives, county council members, planners, other bureaucrats past and present and, of course, to the builders and developers who have ravaged lush, beautiful upper Montgomery County and turned it into a desert of wall-to-wall town houses, parking lots and convenience shopping malls.

If there were any justice, these greedy entrepreneurs and officials would be sentenced to live in the structures that are a blight on the landscape. In recognition of the devastation they have wreaked upon the road system they should be forced to commute twice daily on the I-270/Rte. 28 corridor, playing gridlock roulette, which I define as trying to find a detour around one traffic jam without getting stuck in even worse congestion.

Adding a lane here or widening a bridge there may alleviate the present situation somewhat, but the road construction can never catch up with the thousands of new projects, both housing and business, that are already in the planning or building stage. These projects seem to disregard the environment and in no way constitute prudent, measured, disciplined development. If, as the standard argument goes, development increases the revenue base, why do taxes rise exponentially with every new assessment cycle? No doubt because the social and economic burden of this malignant growth costs more than the new taxpayers bring in. Taxes, it would seem, rise in direct proportion to the decline in the quality of life.

When are you going to move into the 270/28 corridor, ladies and gentlemen of the development industry? GEORGE F. MULLER Rockville