Former representative George Hansen (R-Idaho), whose parole was revoked in May, will spend the summer in prison to finish his sentence, the U.S. Parole Commission has decided.

Hansen, 56, who reentered the Federal Correctional Institute at Petersburg, Va., May 12, will be released Sept. 23.

The panel voted 7 to 2 last week to uphold the decision of four of its members in May to revoke Hansen's parole "because of his absolute refusal to cooperate with his parole officer and to report as he agreed to when he signed conditions of parole," a commission spokesman said.

Hansen, convicted in 1984 of filing false congressional financial statements that omitted $334,000 in profits and loans, was fined $40,000 and sentenced to 15 months in prison, but won parole after six months.

He was released from prison Dec. 19 and arrested April 15 in Omaha on charges of violating parole by traveling more than 50 miles from his Arlington home and failing to report all sources of income.

Hansen, a maverick, ultraconservative Republican who served seven terms in the House, said he was unable to meet the parole conditions and carry on his private consulting business, which involved speaking engagements to income tax protest groups.