A business group yesterday released its evaluation of Maryland lawmakers on business-related legislation during the 1987 General Assembly -- noting a substantial increase in support for its position on such bills.

Maryland Business for Responsive Government reported that every state senator supported its position on at least half of 26 key business bills in the 1987 legislative session. In 1986, a third of the senators received scores below 50 percent.

Eighty-eight percent of delegates in the Maryland House had voting records this year of 50 percent or higher on business issues -- up from 40 percent in 1986.

Four state senators had perfect ratings according to the business group: John W. Derr (R-Frederick), Raymond E. Beck (R-Baltimore County), Edward J. Kasemeyer (D-Howard) and Michael J. Wagner (D-Anne Arundel).

Two delegates, John C. Astle and Michael Busch, both Anne Arundel Democrats, also had 100 percent voting records on the bills used to compile the scores.

Among those receiving low ratings from the business group were Baltimore senators Joseph S. Bonvegna and Michael B. Mitchell.

The two Democrats each received a 50 percent rating by the business group for their votes during the last legislative session. Sen. Arthur Dorman (D-Prince George's) received a 54 percent rating.

Some state delegates received lower marks. Peter Franchot (D-Montgomery) supported the business group's position 27 percent of the time, and Frank D. Boston Jr. (D-Baltimore) received an 18 percent mark.

Maryland Business for Responsive Government is a nonprofit political research group directed by the chief executive officers of Maryland businesses.