T. J. Abbott's letter missed the point of the stadium issue entirely {Letters to the Weekly, July 23}. Shouldn't the public at least be consulted when the government wants to make a major diversion of taxpayers' dollars? Of course we should. The government is supposed to serve the will of the governed, so why not allow the people to clearly state their position on this controversial issue? Of course, Gov. Schaefer does not want to learn the awful truth: that the people of Maryland do not support the building of the proposed stadiums with public funds.

Furthermore, after going years without a pro football team, does anyone honestly believe that waiting for a November referendum will "almost certainly kill Maryland's chances of getting a professional football team in the foreseeable future"?

I'm a sports fan. I've been to major league baseball games in eight cities, pro football games in a few others. I'm not an Orioles fan, but I am a Memorial Stadium fan. Memorial contains all the finer things that one could wish for in a ball park: a friendly neighborhood setting, grass field, open space, a bit of history. Instead of this, Gov. Schaefer likely wants to build a uni-stadium similar to Cincinnati's Riverfront, St. Louis' Busch, Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium, or worse yet, a dome. This surely would lower the quality of baseball atmosphere here in Baltimore. I applaud state Sen. Howard Denis' efforts to place the stadium issue before the public.