The District of Columbia Board of Zoning Adjustment made the following decisions on requests for variances and special exceptions to zoning laws at its meeting July 30. For more information, call 727-6311.


OTIS ST., 2800 -- The board reversed the decision of the zoning administrator to allow the Archdiocese of Washington to operate a hospice for AIDS patients. The Archdiocese holds a permit allowing the building to be used for charitable purposes, and has operated a convent and a boys' club there. Last year, it decided to change the facility to a hospice under the same permit, and this decision was ratified by the zoning administrator.

Neighbors protested, and a group called the Ward 5 Coalition brought the case before the board, which agreed in a 5-0 vote that the permit does not cover the care of dying patients.

The Archdiocese now may appeal the verdict to the D.C. Court of Appeals, or may apply for permission to operate a community-based residential facility on the property, which is zoned residential. Before granting such permission, the board would hold a public hearing and invite neighborhood comment.


WATER ST., 3530 -- Granted the request of the Potomac Boat Club to expand a building in a waterfront zone.

41ST ST., 5208 -- Granted the request of Robert Lehman to build a two-story accessory building for residential use next to a house.