85, the petite, elderly woman whose 1984 "where's the beef?" television commercials for the Wendy's hamburger chain created a national catch phrase while helping boost Wendy's sales by 31 percent, died of congestive heart failure Aug. 10 at her home in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The "where's the beef?" line was even borrowed by presidential candidate Walter F. Mondale in his 1984 race for the Democratic Party nomination. Mrs. Peller came to the United States from the Soviet Union and was a manicurist and beautician for 35 years before making the commercials.


94, a Greek lawyer, poet and journalist whose 42-year political career included four months in 1965 as prime minister of Greece, died Aug. 10 in his native village of Nafpaktos in central Greece after a heart attack.

He was elected to parliament in 1925. Between 1945 and 1965, he held the portfolios of interior, education and industry, and he was deputy speaker of parliament. He was speaker in 1965, when Prime Minister George Papandreou resigned. As senior member of the ruling Center Union Party, he was asked to form a government. He served as deputy prime minister for two years before retiring in 1967.


64, who played Spud, a red-headed, freckle-faced member of film's mischievous "Our Gang" comedies and who was later a civil engineer, died Aug. 6 in Newport Beach, Calif. He had cancer.

Mr. Bailey appeared in nearly a dozen "Our Gang" movie shorts in the 1930s and went on to parts in "Too Many Parents" in 1936 and "Young Thomas Edison" in 1940. He later served in the Coast Guard and taught at a California community college.


78, an exotic dark-haired actress who made a vivid impression in several early sound films before her retirement in the late 1930s, died Aug. 10 at her home in Los Angeles after a stroke and heart attack.

She began her acting career in 1928, playing the lead opposite Monte Blue in MGM's "White Shadows of the South Seas," the studio's first feature that was fully synchronized for dialogue, music and effects. Under the direction of W.S. Van Dyke, she grabbed leading roles in "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" and "The Desert Rider" in 1929, "Under a Texas Moon" and "The Sea Bat" in 1930 and "Aloha" in 1931. She also appeared in the Marx Brothers classic "Duck Soup."