ANNAPOLIS -- Willie II has a dog's life -- and perhaps a future as a Frisbee champion.

Willie II, as the property of Gov. William Donald Schaefer, is the state's First Mutt.

He's getting a one-year free supply of dog food and a free Frisbee from a public relations man in Los Angeles, who said Willie II could be a Frisbee star in puppy form.

The part-Labrador retriever and part-Australian shepherd puppy was briefly featured with his 12 siblings in a television profile of a local actor two weeks ago.

After it was announced at the end of the feature that the puppies were up for adoption, the station was flooded with calls.

The puppy chosen was the only one of the 13 puppies not yet adopted from the actor's family.

The puppy was christened Willie II after the late Willie, a poodle owned by Schaefer while he was mayor of Baltimore, said Louise Hayman, a spokeswoman for Schaefer. She said the dogs were not named for the governor, even though one of his nicknames is Willie Don.

Willie II will be getting a year's supply of dog food and a yellow Frisbee from promoter Irv Lander.

Lander, who is promoting a national championship of canine Frisbee skills, said Willie II's Australian shepherd and Labrador heritage bodes well for a fine Frisbee receiver.