The nonstop Beach Bus to Ocean City that began operating this spring from Silver Spring suspended service this week for the rest of the season, operator Charles Kenney Jr. said.

Kenney said it became impossible to continue the service after he lost his position as a Trailways agent after an article in the July 16 Maryland Weekly about the Beach Bus. Carolina Trailways continues to operate its own Ocean City service, with stops along the way, from the Greyhound-Trailways terminal at 1105 First St. NE.

Kenney had offered his service, with buses and drivers chartered from a Tuxedo, Md., firm, in competition with Trailways. Kenney said that after the article appeared, he lost his Trailways position and was evicted from the terminal building at Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive.

He said he also had to give up a truck rental business he had operated at the same location.

After the Beach Bus lost its office, passengers had difficulty phoning to make and confirm reservations, Kenney said.

David Shingleton, the Trailways Washington district manager, declined to comment on Kenney's situation or the Beach Bus. He referred a reporter to a Trailways official in Dallas, who did not return a phone call.

"Like Gen. MacArthur, we will return in stronger force and accomplish in 1988 what we set out to do this year," said Kenney, 37, who also attends law school and teaches business at Prince George's Community College.

"It appears I'll go full steam ahead on my law career," he said, "and put entrepreneurship on the back burner for a while."